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Hiking Camp

On our week-long half-day camps will take your students on some of Ogden's best trails. We'll meet up at a different trailhead each day, talk about trail safety and etiquette, basic first aid techniques, and will teach and practice the Leave No Trace Principles, and discuss how we can be good neighbors on and off the trail. Your student will have opportunities to learn more about themselves, building resilience and confidence, and will make new friends and deepen existing relationships. In the middle of the week, we will take a break from the rigors of hiking and give back to the community by working on a service project somewhere along Ogden's amazing trail systems. 

Backpacking Course

A few weeks before each course, AGO Instructors will meet with each group to go over some of the basics: how to set up our shelters, how to pack your pack, trip expectations, and what sorts of things students will need to bring on the trip.


On the day of the course, we will load up our packs into a van and drive to a trailhead where we will be dropped off and will begin our adventure. We'll trek through mountains or canyons, talking about local flora and fauna, the history of the area in which we are exploring, and discuss our individual and communal roles in protecting and preserving our public lands. We'll share all of our meals together, sleep on the ground next to one another, encourage one another, and share our life stories along the trail. Students may even have the opportunity to spend a day engaging in alpine rock climbing, high above the Salt Lake Valley. Each student will also have the opportunity to become a Leave No Trace Trainer.

Witness to Wilderness

Ogden offers exceptional access to the outdoors, but also has some of the greatest needs in the State. The first half of our week will center around exploring Ogden city and serving its people. Students will learn about a variety of non-profits, from those who work with people who are homeless, to those who are working to protect and preserve our wild spaces — and everything in between. Then, we’ll head into the mountains for a multi-day backpacking trip, where we will continue to talk about and practice service, stewardship, and community.

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