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Research shows the health and academic benefits of being outdoors are immense! This includes a decrease in stress and anxiety and an increase in regulated sleep and emotion, memory, pro-social behaviors, and even an ability to fight off infection. 

Spending time outdoors also results in improved concentration, test scores, brain and physiological functioning, attendance, and student achievement.


Also, the outdoors provides an undeniably fertile ground for learning and practicing countless key skills for success in the classroom: adaptability, problem-solving, empathy, courage, resourcefulness, resilience, creative thinking, optimism, self-confidence, self-discipline, initiative, and collaboration.

This is why AGO is approved to provide extra support for Utah private school students under the COVID-19 Stimulus Package! 

What’s the plan?

Students will be introduced to a variety of outdoor activities, while engaging in ethical formation (aka how to treat yourself and your neighbor). Depending on the school, this could look like weekly after school programming, periodic after-school programming, or camps/trips during school breaks. 

How does it work?

  • Students ages 8-18 at participating Utah private schools are eligible to participate

  • Dates will be determined by the number and age of students who sign up

  • Email if you want to learn more about getting your school involved!


Wasatch Christian School - South Ogden, UT

Is your student at WCS? Click here to register!


Younger Students: 2nd-4th grade students

Older Students: 5th grade + students

Pickup each day at WCS

Week 1

2/15, younger students: Introduction - Park by WCS (5pm pickup) 

2/17, older students: Introduction - Park by WCS (5pm pickup)

Week 2 - Leave No Trace Principle #1

2/22, younger students - Douglas Street Trailhead (5:45pm pickup)

2/24, older students - Douglas Street Trailhead (5:45pm pickup)

Week 3- Leave No Trace Principle #2

3/1, younger students - Snowshoe at Art Nord Trailhead (6pm pickup)

3/3, older students - Snowshoe at Art Nord Trailhead (6pm pickup)

Week 4 - Leave No Trace Principle #3

3/8, younger students - Ogden River Parkway (High Adventure Park) (5:30pm pickup)

3/10 older students- Ogden River Parkway (High Adventure Park) (5:30pm pickup) 

Week 5 - Art in the Park

3/17, ALL students - Madison Park (5:15pm pickup)

Week 6 - Leave No Trace Principle #4

3/24, younger students - Ogden Botanical Gardens (5:30pm pickup)

3/25, older students - Ogden Botanical Gardens (2:30pm pickup)

Week 7 - Leave No Trace Principle #5

3/31, younger students - Indian Trail (5:45pm pickup)

4/1, older students - Indian Trail (2:45pm pickup)

Week 8 - Leave No Trace Principle #6

4/7, younger students - 21st Street Pond (5:30pm pickup)

4/8, older students - Waterfall Canyon (3:00pm pickup)

Spring Break!


Over the Spring Break we'll be holding a Climbing Camp! Registration is free for students of Wasatch Christian School. We will cap this camp at 10 students, and will give priority registration to older students. Younger students will be able to sign up for the camp on a case-to-case basis. 

Click here for more information and to register!

Week 9 - Leave No Principle #7
4/21, all students - Field games at Orchard Park (5:30pm pickup)

Week 10 - End of spring celebration!

4/28, younger students - Beus Pond Party (Beus Pond) (guardians/parents invited!) (6:00pm pickup)

4/29, older students - 9th Street Climbing Area (3:00pm pickup)

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