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What should I pack?

Students participating in one of our backpacking trips will receive a Pre-trip Planning Packet, which will include a packing list. While we will provide packs, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tents, and camp kitchen gear, each student will need to invest in items such as hiking boots, rain gear, and warm layers. 

Students in our day programs (Hiking Camps and Climbing Camps) will need to bring a water bottle and wear sturdy  shoes.

Will it really be safe?

Our courses are not risk free. The same elements that contribute to the unique character and challenge of these experiences come with risks. But be assured! AGO takes every precaution to ensure every student's safety and well-being. We not only travel with an EpiPen and a Satellite Communicator with Maps, our lead instructors are all certified Wilderness First Responders. This is the industry standard for professional guides and means they are specifically trained to respond to emergency situations in remote locations.

Can I contact my student while they are on their trip?

Students are not allowed to carry cell phones on AGO backpacking trips. Part of experiencing the wilderness is temporarily setting aside any and all distractions, including technology. At the end of each day, communication is sent from AGO to parents with trip updates. While guardians will not be able to be in contact with their students while they are on their course, they will be given a trip itinerary. Furthermore, if an emergency incident involving a student occurs, their guardian will be contacted as soon as possible by AGO administrative staff.

I'm LGBTQ+. 

AGO welcomes and respects people of all backgrounds and beliefs, just as they are. When it comes to folks who are LGBTQ+, AGO affirms and celebrates them in all walks of life and welcomes them as students and instructors.

What do you believe?

AGO believes in creating a safe space for kids to be open with adults and with their peers about whatever they may be going through or thinking about. This allows us to walk with them as they discern their path, instead of telling them what to do or believe. This also allows kids to recognize that their growing worldview isn’t about us and about what we want. On these trips, students commonly share very deep and often challenging things to both instructors and their peers. In order to best serve our students each instructor goes through the Youth Mental Health First Aid training at the beginning of each season, which further allows our staff to look for various warning signs of mental health challenges, and gives them the the tools necessary to connect them with supportive services after the trip is done.


Our staff is made up of people with a variety of worldviews, and we all hold a shared value of creating meaningful and healthy community.

Are there opportunities for financial aid?

There are a number of opportunities AGO offers for financial aid. If you are interested in applying for financial aid, contact us here to request a financial aid application.

What does my course tuition cover?

AGO sets itself apart from other outdoor companies in that we financially invest in our guides. This means that we value them not only by helping them pay for training that will serve them beyond their time with AGO, but also by paying them a competitive wage exceeding industry standards. Part of course tuition goes to pay for these well-trained guides, as well as for transportation to and from trailheads, food, equipment, use permits, and administrative fees.

I want to bring a group of people on a trip!

Of course! We love guiding groups that come together. Whether you are a youth group, a school group, or a bunch of friends who want to adventure together, we will do our best to accommodate you. 

What about food?

All AGO meals and snacks are vegan. This is a part of our commitment to financial, environmental, and spiritual stewardship. We are happy to accommodate any allergies; just let us know what they are in your application. Students may bring extra snacks, just know it adds extra weight to your pack! 

I'm flying in from out of state. How do I get to basecamp?

Out of state students may fly into Salt Lake City International Airport, where AGO can arrange to pick them up and transport them to Base Camp. AGO can also provide transportation back to the airport after courses have been completed.

More questions? Contact us!

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