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Interested in taking junior and senior high students from your youth organization or youth group on an incredible wilderness adventure? Courses range from 4 to 8 days, wherein your students will experience the beauty of nature, engage in leadership development, learn and practice Leave No Trace principles, and engage in spiritual formation through the sharing of life stories and discussions about how we are connected to the land, each other, and the wider world.


We work with various organizations, including Boys and Girls Club of Weber-Davis and faith communities, to create custom trips that suit the needs of their students. If you are interested in learning more about what these trips look like, reach out to us!

These courses are designed for 12-18 year old students. Contact us here for course pricing and more information.



Another option for your group's custom backpacking trip is a Wilderness to Witness trip.

Northern Utah offers exceptional access to the outdoors, but also has some of the greatest needs in the state. For the first half of the week, students will head to the mountains or canyons for a multi-day backcountry experience that may include backpacking, climbing, camping, and hiking. Here, students will practice servant leadership, stewardship, and community before heading back into the city to put these things into practice in the frontcountry. Students will have opportunities to work with a variety of non-profits, from those who work with people who are homeless, to those who are working to protect and preserve our wild spaces — and everything in between.

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