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Elevation Co-op Courses

We partner with Elevation Co-op as educators, providing courses that focus on critical thinking skills. Engaging Mind, Body, and Spirit, we are happy to offer the following courses for the 2019-2020 school year to 9th-12th graders. Please note, students do not need to be a part of Elevation Co-op to be a part of these courses, they are open to all students.

Environmental Science

This course we will take a look at various chemical, biological, physical, zoological, and ecological issues that affect the earth's oceans, lands, waterways, climate, and the flora and fauna who reside therein. Students will engage in critical thought about these matters and learn various ways in which the environment was, is, and will be utilized by humans. In this course students will also be exposed to Leave No Trace ethics and will have the opportunity to finish the course as Leave No Trace Trainers. Cost includes all materials needed for the class.

Tuition is $300 per student. Classes will meet each Thursday throughout the school year from 9am-11am. To register for this course, click here​. To learn more about Elevation Co-op, click here.

Success in Leadership and Project Managment

This course will engage students in leadership and service project development theories followed by real, practical application of these skills through the creation and execution of a 3 day service project in downtown Ogden, UT. Students will learn about a variety of non-profits, from those who work with people experiencing homelessness, to those who are working to protect and preserve our wild life spaces. Students will also participate in several outdoor team-oriented activities that promote cooperation, communication, group problem solving and conflict resolution. 

Aside from reading various books and articles on different approaches to leadership and discussing the pros and cons of each, teams of students will work together to research and identify a series of needs in the community. They will then create an implementation plan by creating a budget, building and enacting fundraising strategies, planning where these projects will take place, and how they will be executed. Students will be responsible for coming up with a plan for how the group will be transported to and from each project, how they will get the necessary supplies, how the group will be fed, and all other logistics of the three days (this will all be done with the help of adult mentors). Each student will also be expected to organize and lead their group in one outdoor team-building activity during the course of the 3 day service project. These activities will require students to engage with Leave No Trace ethics and discuss their transfer ability and application to everyday life. 

Students will meet once a month with their mentor and have weekly contact with there group members in order to develop and prepare for a successful launch of their 3 day service project. Meeting days TBD.

Tuition is $350 per student. To register for this course, click here​. To learn more about Elevation Co-op, click here.