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Welcome to Ogden, Utah!

AGO is based out of the beautiful and diverse city of Ogden, which boasts 266 miles of maintained trails. Over one-third of our community is Latinx too! Unfortunately, our poverty rate is double the state average, coming in at nearly 24%. Over 70% of elementary students in the Ogden School District live in poverty and only 66% of seniors graduated last year. 

While Ogden has an incredible amount to offer, it is also in great need. It's our honor to work exclusively with non-profit organizations, including Boys and Girls Club of Weber-Davis, The GOAL Foundation, Youth Impact, and various faith communities. Together, we build resilience among our community's children and help raise up the next generation of leaders.


Through your participation in our summer camps and backpacking trips, you're helping us be a part of something bigger than ourselves for the sake of the wider city. We love Ogden, and we know you will too. Come serve and explore with us!

What's in a name?

Arcadia is any wild place, untainted by the surrounding world. It's a paradise, but not one riddled with human riches or glory. It's a place of simplicity, beauty, and harmony. It was the home of the gods in Greek Mythology, and today it is our respite from a technology-hungry world that runs on instant gratification and isolation.


The Greek word ἄγω (ágō) means to bring, lead, or guide. We aim to act as their guides not only in various outdoor activities, but also to help guide young people as they discern who they are and who they want to be.

We aim to cultivate a mini-community, where each person is welcomed to rest and wrestle with the wilderness. Let's journey to Utah's own Arcadia, together.  

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